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Customized Compliance Program for Asbestos
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New!! Customized Compliance Program for Asbestos in Schools
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Training programs for a comprehensive approach to managing asbestos
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Asbestos Awareness Training
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Building Surveys & Assessments
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Remove asbestos
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Asbestos Abatement
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All of these products are the creation of Andy Oberta, Producer and Publisher of Environment-i-media, Inc.
As Andrew F. Oberta, MPH, CIH, he provides asbestos consulting, training and other services through
The Environmental Consultancy (www.asbestosguru-oberta.com)

Andy Oberta supports the activities of the Environmental Information Association (www.eia-usa.org), ASTM International (www.astm.org), the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (www.AsbestosDiseaseAwareness.org) and the Texas Hill Country Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (www.texashillcountryaiha.org).

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Environment-i-media, Inc. produces, publishes and distributes asbestos training and information technology products including Audio-visual materials for asbestos training: Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys explains the use of ASTM E2356 Standard Practice for Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys to conduct Baseline Surveys and Project Design Surveys. These surveys provide considerably more information than an “AHERA survey” to help manage asbestos-containing materials. The program describes an innovative quantitative assessment protocol and includes a template for using it. The CD includes a Powerpoint presentation and an illustrated Instructor’s Guide. Asbestos Awareness – Do Not Disturb covers health effects, types and locations of asbestos and recognizing damaged asbestos, as required by OSHA and EPA asbestos training regulations. The DVD in English includes a set of questions for review and examinations as well as Instructor's Guides in Adobe PDF format. Asbestos Awareness: Living with a Rattlesnake and Asbestos Awareness: Don’t Wake a Sleeping Bear is available in Spanish on the same DVD. Managing the Asbestos Abatement Project takes you through an abatement project from start to finish and explains the use of the visual inspection process to manage the work. It shows how project designers, project monitors and contractor supervisors can follow ASTM E1368, Standard Practice for Visual Inspection of Asbestos Abatement Projects, to increase the chances of passing the visual inspections and final air sampling at the conclusion of the project. Project Design Surveys according to ASTM E2356 Standard Practice for Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys are also discussed. The program consists of a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation and an Instructor’s Guide in Adobe PDF format on a CD. Asbestos Negative Exposure Assessments and Competent Person Training covers these aspects of the OSHA Construction Industry standard for Class III work and is available in Powerpoint and VHS videotape format. The Powerpoint version includes a Software Package that explains in detail how to conduct the testing required to support an NEA, with forms to record the data, spreadsheets to perform the calculations and forms to certify that an NEA applies to a specific job. Making Holes in Asbestos Floor Tile covers drilling, lifting and punching procedures (OSHA Class III work) for equipment installation and other purposes and is available in Powerpoint and full-motion video on a CD as well as in VHS videotape format. The program materials include directions for setting up and conducting hands-on exercises. All of these programs can be used by training providers in classes for accreditation and licensing ot inspectors, management planners, project designers, supervisors and workers. The Customized Compliance Program for Asbestos is a computer-based information technology product to facilitate compliance with notification, record-keeping, training and other OSHA and EPA requirements. Each copy of the program is tailored to the specific facility for which it is ordered. It combines photographs and floor plans of the facility with precautions for working in areas where asbestos-containing materials are present, includes a set of pre-formatted notification forms and provides a template for making customized signs and labels. The Assessments, Quantities and Costs feature helps to make decisions on removing asbestos-containing materials or managing them in place, and graphically illustrates the cost of your decisions. The Preview on this website includes an on-line demonstration of the program.The Customized Compliance Program for Asbestos in Schools facilitates compliance with the EPA AHERA regulations.